a collection of art, writing, code
around the theme of
love, relationships, heartbreak, and digital technology

1 · e-stranged signals

data; information; (mis)communications


Simone Wolff · january 2016


i used to let boys glow
on the othersideless window
of my desktop screen
as i sat in the garage
with our only computer
under the spotlight
of a single lamp
i waited for them patiently
i liked them to IM me first
they were like hey hi sup
i was like nm u?
they told me about their girlfriends
they told me about their dads
they told me about my ass
when i saw them at school
they looked limp + greasy
they looked 3D + empty
they said things like hey hi sup
they said nothing
in computer lab i'd IM the boy next to me
he had the worst screenname of all
something about ireland and numbers
we didn't even look at each other
but once he reached his left hand over
right hand still on the mouse...
in the garage
with my hand on the mouse
i liked to be the one to sign off first
sometimes i'd sign off and look at porn
or buy some books
boys used to look like words
i told them real + fake things
they told me i was like a butterfly
they told me i was a slut
they told me that they had just cut themselves
one told me he had never been kissed
we met up + i kissed him irl
later when i was back in the garage
he told me he only liked me for my body
+ i was like
me too

it's OK

Van · december 2017


Jackie Liu · fall 2017


Regarding Our Brief Partnership

Jaclyn Baughman · june 2017

poetics of a space angel

Lindsay Costello · ongoing / 2017

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Tw violence/misogyny

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Motion capture to represent love in its purest form

Emotion Capture

Arthur Gouillart · june 2017

2 · e-stranged voids

the absence of; what remains


Ellie Black · august 2017

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please will anyone speak to me

Jackie Gu · spring 2016

interactive nonfiction essay

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Abia Dasein

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I'm Dumping You

Chris Kerich · 2015

An executable processing program that generates an infinitely long breakup


Lonely Girl Phenomenology

Miriam Poletti · july 2017

3 · e-stranged mechanisms

methods for self-defense; methods for healing


Vivi Lane · 2016


honeybee stage 1


stage 2: stop


stage 3: make art


Cyberspace Sadness

HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk @ www.houseofkilling.net · 2016 - ongoing

music by OlIVIA


Maggie Danna · fall 2016


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"These are some collages I created out of Playboy magazines from 1971. I liked being able to take images from the magazines and make the women look more powerful and independent."

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"I endured a lot of unrequited crushes during college and it was nice to be able to create and share images that gave off sensuality and confidence when I didn't always feel like I did."

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Relationship Simulator

Alyssa Dayan · december 2017

What happens if a masochist and a narcissist get together? How about if one person is a drama queen while the other is totally apathetic? Or what about you and your crush??!

Use the relationship simulator to find out! Specify the personality types and the initial feelings of a pair of people and watch the sparks fly.

Ghost Dick

Ellie Black

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